Having trouble pulling my needle through the fabric?
~ Make sure you are using the correct size needle,
size 22 chenille for 4mm silk ribbon and larger or smaller if using 13mm or 25mm silk ribbon.
~ If it’s just being a little tough try using some little round rubber needle grabbers that you can get in the quilting section.
~ Another thing you can do is shake the needle both sides before pulling the needle.
~ One last thing is make sure you are using silk ribbon and not polyester ribbon it makes a huge difference, polyester is too heavy and thick.
Things You Need:
1. Embroidery Hoop
2. Satin Ribbon (25mm,13mm and 7mm)
3. Needle (Tapestry needle used in this embroidery projects and You can also use chenille needle.)
4. Fabric (I used Organza fabric you can also use linen or any other fabric)
5. Cotton Embroidery Floss Threads
Lap Stand Hoop/ Frame:
25mm Satin Ribbon –
10mm Satin Ribbon –
Song: Romantic Piano.
Music by AShamaluevMusic.
Music Link:
DIY Stitching:


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