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Learning hand embroidery is both fun and relaxing, plus it’s an easy way to create beautiful art with fabric and thread. I always say that the best way to learn is by doing, so you’ll want to choose a pattern. This lesson will tell you what to look for in a beginner pattern and give you some nice options to choose from. If you’d rather go simple, I suggest downloading my Free embroidery sampler pattern. If you have previous experience or are feeling adventurous,
Download pattern:
These 13 stitches will get you started
1. herringbone stitch
2. chain stitch
3. long french knot
4. vandyke stitch
5. buttonhole stitch
6. stem stitch
7. scroll stitch
8. satin stitch
9. french knot
10. long and short buttonhole stitch
11. rope stitch
12. fly stitch
13. detached buttonhole
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