Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial | Flower Design | HandiWorks #41

Technique a beautiful guide to Ribbon Embroidery for beginners and more experienced Embroiderers – https://youtu.be/mgqYwJyzftM

A decorative needleart embellishment for use on all kinds of fabrics, clothing, berets, pins, hat bands, gloves, pictures, quilts, wallhangings, pillows – the list is endless.

You can stitch any of pattern using these stitches, If you’ve embroidered any other designs using Ribbon, I would love to see them. Please give a description and leave the link to your comments so that other viewers could view them, as well.
Happy stitching!

Any fabric will work, as long as you can get a needle through it. If the fabric is dense, an awl can be used to make a starter hole. Size 13 chenille needles can also be used.
100% silk ribbon is easier to use (it cooperates with you!) than synthetics, but we use rayon ribbon and other synthetics which add variety in texture and appearance to embroidered designs.

Enjoy your time working with HandiWorks…

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