New Origami Hand Works | Fireworks | HandiWorks #02

New Origami Paper Folding Instructions Fireworks Hand Works #02

Fireworks – Step by step instructions for how to fold and assemble Handiworks Fireworks. This modular unit uses 12 sheets.

Paper: 12 sheets for the standard size, up to 24 sheets for a larger model, Diagram example uses 12 sheets, Use standard 6 squre origami paper or meduium weight copy paper cut to 8 1/2 or 5 1/2 inch squres. For a 12 unit model, you can use 2 X 6 colors or 4 X 3 or 6 X 2. Put in the order you like.

If using standard origami paper with color on one side and white on the other, Place 6 sheets color side up in one pile and 6 unit color side down.(in the same color order)in another pile. Make 6 units starting with white side up, and 6 units starting with color side up. Both sets of units will show the color side only on the finished model.

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