Flowers on Clothes

Ribbon embroidery is a 3 dimensional. Stitch beautiful Hand embroidery designs with ribbons on the needle instead of embroidery threads. The effect is simply stunning given the vivid colours of ribbon, be it silk or synthetic ribbon and the smooth silky lustre of the ribbons.

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Things You Need:
1. Embroidery Hoop
2. Satin Ribbon (13mm,7mm)
3. Needle
4. Fabric (I used even-weave fabric you can also use linen or any other fabric)
5. Cotton Embroidery Floss Threads
Perle Cotton Threads –
Needles on ebay –
Fabric for Ribbon embroidery –
HandiShops –
Satin Ribbon –
Lap Stand Hoop/ Frame -
Camera Used To Shoot This Video –
Track Info: Cinematic Documentary – AShamaluevMusic.
Music Link:

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