Extraordinary Hand Embroidery Stitching Tutorial for Beginners
1. Up & Down Buttonhole Stitch: Up & down buttonhole creates a scalloped-looking line of buttonhole stitches, with two stitches tied together and locked down with a loop.
2. Portuguese Knotted Stem: The stitch is made up of the stem stitch with little knots along the line
3. Basque Stitch: The Basque stitch as a combination of twisted chain stitch and buttonhole stitch, upside down.
4. Split Stitch: just move one stitch length forward, bring your needle back up in the middle of that stitch, and then move another stitch forward.
5. Outline Stitch: It is a lot like the stem stitch – only the position of the working thread is above the needle as you stitch.
6. Stem Stitch: The noticeable difference between the outline stitch and the stem stitch is that the outline stitch forms a closer twist in the look of your line.
7. Herringbone Stitch: used in hand embroidery creates a zig-zag line of straight stitches that overlap near the tip.
8. Chevron Stitch: simple zig-zag look with a cap on each end of the zig-zags. Much like the herringbone stitch.
9. Coral Stitch: Is a line stitch made up of knots. The knots created by the coral stitch can be spaced close together or far apart, depending on what you want your line to look like.
10. Chinese Knot: There are variations. The one I’m illustrating is the one worked in a line, and it has a little bit of a tail to it. You can, of course, eliminate the tail and make a perfectly round knot stitch. You can also work the stitch in isolation, and you can also leave the loop of the knot more open.

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