Once you have mastered these Amazing stitches you can go about creating the beautiful ribbon embroidered flowers. Learning all these Amazing embroidery stitches can be challenging and daunting. But let me tell you this: embroidery is super easy!
In this tutorial, the ribbon is used instead of embroidery floss and it is stitched on curved lines. The chenille needle is a big needle with sharp tips that will easily penetrate thick fabrics. A size 18 needle is sufficient for a 4mm ribbon.

Silk ribbons are looking exquisite but are quite expensive; they are very soft to the touch and can be easily molded. Good quality satin ribbon can also be worked into exquisite intricate works of art. There is some rayon ribbon that almost looks like a silk ribbon.
1. Italian Stitch
2. Palestrina
3. Portuguese knotted stem
4. Braided chain
5. Scroll
6. tulip Stitch
7. Braid Stitch
8. Mountmellick stitch
9. Herringbone Stitch
10. Cable Plait Stitch
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