DIY Bracelets | Easy Silky Cord Crafts Tutorial | HandiWorks #65

Today, I will teach how to two color cute bracelet out of silky/rat tail cord.
Are you interested in weaving crafts? Then this is the tutorial for you!

Learn how to make multi-colored stack-able cute knot bracelets. Got a question? OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATION…

CAN I USE EMBROIDERY FLOSS? I wouldn’t recommend it. You need to use any type of cord with some thickness to it (Silky/ Rat Tail Cord, waxed cotton cord, leather cord, hemp cord, etc.)

MATERIALS: Silky/ Rat Tail Cord, scissors, tape, ruler
Cord- 72 Inch (Green), 36 Inch (White)

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Category: Howto & Style
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